Zurich Rituals, 2009

Performances at Kunsthalle Zürich
Commissioned and produced by Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland

Clients: Visitors to the gallery

Location: Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland

Questions: What comes after Capitalism?

Does travelling bring you freedom?

How would you define artificiality?

Do you think our time is a good time to live in, if so – for whom, if not – for whom?

Can fortune cookies change your life?

When will Africa become a global power?

What is ‘hunger’?

Will the world end according to the Mayan calendar in 2012?

How does one become a superstar?

Is a long life happier than a life that ends with an early death?

Where will my next journey take me?

What do birds feel about us, in our day and age?

Why do angels have wings?