Kamikuchi ‘Mouth of God’, 2006

Performance, digital video HD 1920 × 1080 16:9
12:14 min
Filmed in Tokyo, Japan
Camera by Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope
Live audio mix and music composed by Tim Olden
Live video mixing by Jamie Goodenough
Backing vocals by Childhood
Photography by Nathaniel Mellors
Commissioned and produced by Grizedale Arts and Ikebukuro International Arts Festival

Ikebukuro City Council

Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan

How can we control illegal cycle parking?

As part of the Grizedale Arts ‘Seven Samurai’ project, Coates offered to work on behalf of the local city council in Tokyo. On an outdoor stage, he made an improvised ritual in response to their question. Traditionally, shamans in Japan and Korea were women, Coates’s Marilyn Monroe costume was a symbolic cultural association for the audience. The three male backing singers (taught by Coates to be animal and bird impersonators) were from a band called Childhood based in Tokyo. The film is an edited version of the live event.